Hi, my name is

Daryna Kritska

I’m a freelance copywriter and translator

I have a passion for web design, learning languages (I already have 4 languages in my treasury and I’m not going to stop), finding creative solutions to any tasks and constantly improving my skills. I like to create meaningful posts and to be as useful as possible.

My Principles

Here, I share the cornerstones that anchor my work, the beliefs that drive my craft, and the values that infuse authenticity into every word.


Never rest on my achievements

Each text must be several times better than the previous one. The key is to develop your skills, take courses, and look for new tricks that can be successfully applied to writing.


Keep to deadlines

It is the most important criterion for the success of any writer. Have an assignment? Get to it right away.


Writing for people

Keeping your writing simple and clear is essential. The text should be of the greatest use possible.


Always look for interesting decisions

Just writing a text is too easy. You should always read many articles, analyze information and create a text product that will be close to perfection.


Work only in pleasure

Work is always a pleasure. It is also necessary for writing texts. The better your mood and the more your desire to write, the better the result will be.


Create better texts

I get inspired by many texts when creating a new one. My goal is to create more helpful text as a result.


Take a glimpse into my world of numbers and data. Explore a collection of projects that showcase my knack for turning raw data into meaningful insights.


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My Biography

A few words about me, my hobbies, and childhood dreams.

Since childhood, I dreamed of being a journalist, but my desire to do translation won out. Now I am a certified translator and for me, writing texts has become a great way to take a break from my main activity. When I was studying I had the opportunity to work on translating historical films for the well-known Ukrainian TV channel 1+1. And it was really amazing.
Now I feel that I have found my vocation: I write texts, I translate, I express my thoughts and I share them with people. And, in my leisure time, I try to bring up my cat, drink delicious tea, read books, and do sports.

My Education

My progress would not be possible without the additional knowledge that I get from various courses and webinars. One of these was a course from MasterBundles, in which I consolidated the basic knowledge of copywriting.


Have something to share, ask, or discuss? I’m all ears! Feel free to drop me a line, whether it’s about my work, inquiries, or simply saying hello.

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